I'm normally an advocate for modesty, but many I know personally underestimate how deep into the music industry I was only a little over 5 years ago. I've witnessed things that would disappoint the biggest dreamer of a music career. From money being paid to get records spun for a certain amount of times throughout the day for a month, to CD's being tossed because the DJ did not recognize the artist. I can go on and on about all I've seen, but I'm not up for a novel today. I just want to back the message Kanye has been trying to convey. A message that could shake the music industry if embraced and taken seriously. You see, Kanye has a very large following. He can definitely influence many. So, the music industry can not allow this "Shake" to happen. So what do they do? Would you take whatever someone is saying seriously if they were clinically insane? Kanye is huge, but the media is even larger. Let that simmer for a few.

Felt inspired to write something on the matter. Click the link to hear.

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Lyrics below:

All I'm gon' say,

Everything today,

Is more than what it seems,

So take it with a grain-

Of salt on the truth,

Seasoned for the youth,

They chew it up and spit it out

& now they're malnourished

Of the facts,

Dried up essential stats,

Now they're sippin' on that

Lemonated juice.

But God forbid I rant now,

They gon' hold ya boys hands down,

They gon' send you to that hospital by force,

Say your mind distorts,

& release you when you bow to their command now.

How could you agree,

With the system as it be,

Where the record spins are bundles

Given with a fee.

& status is the key,

it gets you what you need,

Not what you deserve,

But of course "you got the keys"

Puppeteers putting on a show for the ghetto,

& I just wanna free you from Geppetto.

Puppeteers putting on a show for the ghetto,

& I just wanna free you from Geppetto.

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