New site and now a blog!!!

Now that we are starting over as indie artists and creating a new sound, we decided to start sharing more with you (besides are usual social media posts). So here it is... a little blog. Not exactly sure how deep we are going to get and the type of content we intend to post but I can guarantee it will be awesome!

As most of you already know we are releasing our 1st independent single with a new sound tomorrow! We were so excited about it we decided to celebrate with a pin in the theme of the track (look for it on pre-sale at our shop). The 1st 50 people to pre order get the track for free as a thank you. That’s just a little of what’s to come.

We hope you love the new track, and the new site as much as we do. Anything else don’t hesitate to contact, we’d love to hear from you!!!

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